What is a data type?

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A bit of information (data) always has a certain type

Each programming language has different data-types or names them differently, but most of them have a variation of these four:


Booleans are simple binary values (true or false).

isTrue = true
isFalse = false

In our previous article about if statements we showed you how programs determine between executing a block of code or not. The condition that is used for this can ultimately only have two outcomes: do it (true) or don’t do it (false).


Integers are whole numbers (with no decimal places).

number = 5


Floats are numbers that can have decimals, but do not always have to.

number = 3.5


Strings are simply a series of characters (like words, names or whole sentences)

id = ckjasdiwe98213
name = John
lastname = Doe
job = John is working at a farm, growing potatoes