An introduction to Coding Challenges

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Welcome to CodeTips newest section - Coding Challenges!

We wanted to give you an introduction to this section because it’s completely different from everything we’ve done up to this point.

Up to now, we’ve covered general beginner and intermediate programming concepts, and we’ve covered language-specific tutorials for Go, JavaScript and Python.

One skill programmers must have is problem-solving, which is why you’ll often find coding challenges in interviews. A big part of our role is to take a problem/requirement and find the best way to fix/implement it. That’s exactly what this section is about.

In each article, we’ll look at a different coding challenge, and we’ll show you how to complete it using different languages.

The articles in this section expect some prior knowledge of programming, so be sure to refer to the beginner and language-specific articles if you get stuck.

If there’s a specific coding challenge you’d like us to write about, you get stuck along the way, or you have any feedback about this section, you can always get in touch with us!