Welcome to Code Tips!

This website is our attempt at giving you, somebody who is interested in learning development, the tools to learn at your own pace, right from the beginning.

Prior to 2014 our founder was non-technical. He’d dabbled a little bit (Access Databases, HTML, CSS etc) but was generally not well versed in tech.

He made the decision to invest his time in learning a development language, ultimately making the choice of learning JavaScript.

He describes the whole process as extremely difficult, for the following reasons:

  • He didn’t know where to start. Seriously, Google how to learn programming - you will be inundated with information on how to get started, or what books to read.
  • He didn’t have time to watch 5 hour long videos, and needed short snippets of information.
  • Teaching yourself is hard. You don’t know what you don’t know. That might sound really weird, but think about it; if you don’t know that certain principles/terms exist - how can you learn them?

So we made this site to help others going through that process.


My wife and I are expecting our daughter, Olivia, in July 2019 and this website is dedicated to her.